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Claudia and her guests

I like to think that this place has been an inspiration for them, feeling comfortable in my house and enjoying the beauties of Ravenna.
I am grateful to each one who left me these sweet testimonies, which I am happy to share on this website as an amazing example of those encounters. 
Best wishes to them all. 

Libera regnat

Protected by looks
and far away troubles
in a nest of curtains,
noises are muffled.
The tiny garden
encloses flaps of a sky
which it is only ours.
We listen to the rain
beating down.
On the gentle plants
and the latest autumn flowers
water shines.
We hear only echoes from the city
that lives of a former glory
as a time keeper.
Now, at peace with the world,
we breathe sweet air.
Sounds blur away
in the discreet light of this house.

(M & N)